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Human anatomy:

body, perispirit and spirit  

Man in the flesh is not only a body in the spiritist definition, three essential components characterize him:


The spirit is considered as the living memory of our entire being, it records everything that the body experiences in matter as in the beyond, it is immaterial, invisible and intangible, it is he who will survive the- beyond death. It needs a support to keep in memory and print all the data experienced by the physical body.


The perispirit plays this important role of intermediary between body and mind. It is a semi-material, invisible and intangible envelope,  (composed of a set of electronic forces,) composed of billions of active and memorizing particles, which records all the psychic attacks, sometimes physical of which the individual may be the victim. It leaves the body at death and serves as a mold for any new incarnation (birth). It is not limited to the contours of the apparent body, it is also the double of the organs,  of their internal structure, of their cell.

"The perisprit remains the essential in the origin of any disease manifestation at the level of the flesh. The physical perispirit content is composed at the level of the cell of the double of 2 atoms of oxygen for one atom of hydrogen."

Message from the Spirit of Edgar Cayce  1982.

"We are above all" spirit ", created by God who gives us life"  this divine origin makes us beings responsible for the architecture of our physical body. It is therefore certain that according to our states of evolution, according to our previous traumas, the construction will be more or less successful.  » K.Chateigner ( the new book of spirits ) .

"  Perispirit matter is infinite, invisible and yet existing, the perispirit is structured from radium, deuterium, to which are added nickel and manganese.

The new medicine will therefore be the medicine of the double. The double is fragile like any complex structure, and this fragility must therefore be in the consciousness of the therapist in any disease - significant or not.  Message from a Spirit 1982.

" The average density of an etheric body corresponds to 10 g.

These 10g correspond to a structure which is subdivided as follows :

  • 2 g of manganese

  • 2 g of nickel

  • 3 g of subatomic radium with radioactive emanation

  • 3 g of base fluid D7

What we call the base fluid D7 is the correspondence of the deuterium subdivided into seven different data. Data unknown to human science, the whole of which therefore forms the perisprit, vehicle of the spirit, vector of your consciousness.  "

Message from the Spirit  by Marie Curie, 1982

The body is the carnal envelope of the spirit subject to the laws of matter; it is perishable, a true wave receptacle, sensitive to the spirit which inhabits it, as to those which surround it.


To treat the cause rather than to cure the effect is the principle of medicine proposed by the spirits.

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