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Therapeutic clairvoyance

There are two forms of clairvoyance: simple clairvoyance and mediumistic clairvoyance.

Simple clairvoyance  is not mediumistic, in that the clairvoyant subject is not in relation with a disembodied spirit. It is a faculty which makes it possible to enter into telepathy with the mind of an embodied person and to read his deep thought.

Mediumistic clairvoyance is a form of intuitive mediumship   who  allows the medium  

  • to have a much broader and more sensitive perception. 

  • to come into contact with the spirits which will communicate by clichés, by images, by sensations or impressions. Its first function responds to the notion of advice, teaching, or information on the life of the spirit in the hereafter.

The mediumistic clairvoyant is naturally simple clairvoyant.


These two forms of clairvoyance can be exercised  with or without support (photo, hair, coffee grounds, by reading the lines of the hand, crystal ball).

"Clairvoyance is a particular state which allows an individual to perceive a set of impressions of a psychic nature."  Message from the Spirit of Gabriel Delanne, 1985. 

Clairvoyance must be a service rendered. Clairvoyance must not only be a phenomenon experienced which astonishes, clairvoyance must be able to balance the one who receives it. Clairvoyance is information and clairvoyance is also therapy.   Message from Pascal Forthuny

"I explain in this message that all clairvoyance has its therapeutic character" ...

Message from the Spirit of Edgar Cayce, 1990

Revue journal la clairvoyance référencement dans Google Images

Simple therapeutic clairvoyance 

Some non-mediumistic clairvoyants  have the particularity of perceiving the altered or diseased areas of the physical body.  


The information received is sometimes direct in the perception of a precise diagnosis.


It also happens that this information is received in the form of symbols which must then be decrypted. (ex: abnormal color of an organ)

Lisa, a simple clairvoyant, testifies:

“I have several photos on the table at my disposal. I choose the one that attracts me. I take it in my hands, I collect myself and I keep it in my hands.

It creates telepathic contact with the person. Clairvoyance lasts 10 to 20 minutes.

I perceive clichés, images, where I see the person in a situation other than that of the photo. I can see the person in action.

I often feel like a warning or advice. I feel characters, psychological profiles, psychological problems.


I also see the state of health, certain diseases. Sometimes I give advice, at least it is the advice that I perceive. I say everything, even what seems the most banal to me.


I mostly see psychological portraits. I perceive particular anxieties, for example people who are afraid of death or illness, fear of loneliness, introverts, moody characters, very sensitive people, family taboos, an unhappy childhood, problems with parents, etc. "

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