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Therapeutic psychometry

Psychometrics has several fields of application: history,  past lives, psychology and also  therapy.

Three major elements intervene in this process: matter, perispirit and force thought.

Matter  responds to a unitary atomic principle, that is to say that any atom which constitutes it is formed from the same elements: a nucleus itself made up of protons and neutrons, this nucleus being surrounded by electrons.


The electron  resides within this material, one of the peculiarities of which, revealed in a spiritualist session, is its ability to memorize.



The perispirit if it is the substratum, the canvas, the double of our physical body, is not for all that a simple photocopy. It has a set of functions, some of which are known to us.

He is :

  • stretchy and compressible

  • penetrative and

  • also has the function of recording. It memorizes our sensations, our thoughts and can sometimes even imprint in the palingenesis process, stigmata from previous lives to which our body was subjected. The perisprit can therefore receive and memorize information


Mechanism in psychometry

In order to establish the telepathic link with matter, the psychometer goes through its perispirit, read the information contained in said matter.

To do this, the psychometer will vibrate its perispirit to come into contact with the memory of matter. The latter will focus on the nerves in order to accentuate his tactile capacity.  ; it is said of the perisprit that it will become innervated.


Thus, it will therefore be much more receptive to the sensations of vibratory matter.

“Particle physics will go more and more in the direction of this demonstration. The times are near when man will scientifically demonstrate the memorizing capacity of electrons. It will then no longer be possible to say that matter is an acid  hazardous and psychometry will enter the natural sciences. "  Message  from the spirit of Léon Denis, 1986.

Thought strength

Thought strength is the communicative wave par excellence and remains the first quality of our mind. The thought wave crosses the Universe. Thus, our mind is inscribed every second in the matter that surrounds us, thanks to the electron.

The psychometer therefore has the ability to receive information by touching matter. This is achieved thanks to the electrons which compose it, the latter having a faculty of recording information.

This phenomenon is possible thanks to several properties of the perisprit  : its capacity to be innervated, that is to say to come into contact with matter and to record information.

Medical psychometry is a form of clairvoyance.  

However, there are differences between simple or mediumistic clairvoyance and psychometry.


It can be exercised from the concentration on a familiar object belonging to the sick to detect with exactitude the source or physical or perispirit, spiritual, of the manifested evil.


A work in medical dowsing at the precise and determined location can then be initiated.

Revue journal La psychométrie

“Psychometry adds the tactile sensation to the load of information contained in the basic atoms of an object, it allows a telepathic relationship between the human mind and the living molecules of a material.

The psychometric act is, therefore, a psychic formulation of the language of matter. The psychometer subject has an exacerbated tactile sensitivity. "

Message  from the spirit of Léon Denis, 1986.

Revue journal les facultés psychiques
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