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Reincarnation Birth  

The first condition, essential for development  present on this site, is the recognition of the spirit as an individuality which continues its evolutionary journey through reincarnation.

The spirit returns to the flesh following the process of incarnation, it is by nature a dynamic and organizing force of matter, it is according to the vocabulary of Doctor Gustave GELEY, a "dynamo-psyche" without which all individualized life would be. simply impossible.


The psyche is the vital force which instinctively and unconsciously maintains the cellular organization and the cellular balance of the human body thanks to the essential support of the perispirit.

The spirit, conveyed by its perispirit, has a determining organizing role in the first phases of life, that is to say, during the period of embryonic development.

"To be born, to die, to be born again, to progress without ceasing, such is the law."  Allan Kardec



The mind is already the trigger of life in that it causes the fertilization of the egg by the sperm.


Curled up to a microscopic dimension, it has melted into the first cells of life, it has integrated itself into matter, and will animate this original matter to unfold there, causing in its vital instinct, rapid cell divisions which will give birth to the embryo.

The mind, thanks to its perispirit envelope, will instinctively energize the cells it animates, in a rapid vital process of cell duplication and multiplication.


The incarnation is then fully engaged, this means that spirit and matter find themselves intimately linked from this precise moment, which must therefore be located at the conception.

"This incarnation, this reincarnation, is indeed essential for each of our living spirits, essential to your evolutionary experience ..."

Message from the Spirit of Gabriel Delanne 1982

" The perispirit matter resulting from the universal fluid is at the disposal of a spirit which will think its future carnal brain which it knows will be essential to it in the matter, so that it can convey its thought there ..."

Message from the Spirit of Alexis Asmamourian, 1981

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