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Mediumnities: nature, function, purpose?

The spiritist philosophy codified by Allan Kardec in the 19th century from thousands of observations, experiments, reports, enriched by the work of our association for more than 40  years, has always shown that mediumship is intrinsically linked to spiritualism, and that without it the testimonies or the teachings that the spirits wish to give us would be a dead letter.

Spiritualist philosophy uses the term medium to exclusively define the intermediary between the world of the dead and ours and not a person with psychic faculties without communication with the spirit world.  

To the extent of the recognition of the spirit, these psychic faculties exist and are also precisely defined by the seekers and teachers of the Hereafter.

Learn more about mediumship  :

Soul survival and communications.

Nature of the mind.

Action of the mind on matter, on the medium.

Manifestations of spirits and the diversity of mediumnities:  

The mediumistic faculty is not revealed in all in the same way; mediums generally have a special aptitude for this or that order of phenomena, as many varieties as there are kinds of manifestations.

What is mediumship for?

Why  do the spirits manifest?

In the first place their presence serves to challenge the survival of the soul.


In the second place the spirits have a point.

The messages of a personal nature have a value of encounter, an emotional value and together have value of advice and revelation.


Collective messages provide information on the afterlife, they also represent a teaching that provides keys on the meaning of life by answering the fundamental questions of the human being:

  • Where do we come from ?

  • Who are we ?

  • Where are we going ?


The universal wish of the spirits is that the man becomes aware of his spirituality to realize himself in his intellectual and moral evolution, participating in the progressive transformation of humanity.

To do so, their messages provide essential updating in the face of advances in science and societal transformations in all fields.  knowledge: politics, social issues, education, medicine, science, the universe, etc.


These perspectives and these revelations bring into play the universal and fundamental values of freedom, justice, equality, sharing and responsibility for all peoples without distinction of ethnicity or culture.

Spiritualism is an invitation to reflect and act on our condition, to participate in the progress and improvement of societies.


Vast program to which medium or not is invited, to which also participate in another way, all the other humanist and progress forces.

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