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Definition of disease and patient

What is a disease or a sick person in the eyes of the spirits?  


There are interactions between body, mind, and perispirit from which illnesses should not be viewed from a strictly physical perspective.

It is necessary to define the patient in his social behaviors, his relational and emotional anxieties, to often discover the deep causes of the alterations of health which are of a psychic or spiritual nature.

The flesh vibrates to the rhythm of thought. An altered state of mind produces a vibratory modification at the level of the perisprit, which by repercussions reaches the physical body.


Diseases therefore exist  by the lack of harmony between the three components of the human being: the spirit, the body and the perispirit.

The goal of all spiritualist therapy  is :


  • to reach the spirit,

  • to rebalance the functions of the perisprit,

  • so that this new balance is reflected in the physical body.

In addition, it is necessary to integrate the fact that the positive participation of the patient is a necessity to guarantee his recovery.

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