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Unconscious mind, spiritualology or spiritualist psychology

"Every human being is dependent on his environment, it is therefore necessary to consider, in addition to the psychic state shaped by previous lives, a new psychic state which is the addition of a previous state to which are added the present vicissitudes and the attacks. multiples recorded in this lifetime. Any form of disease involves either these two combined aspects, or one or the other of these aspects. " William lang

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What then is spiritualist psychology?

" It is, in reality, to make a human being, an individual, gradually become aware of his true dimension, his spiritual dimension. For decades, students in these subjects have been taught that man was a social being, responding to the conditionings of the society to which he belongs. Without erasing this reality, it is giving it too much importance, it is ignoring the inner being, it is ignoring the spirit. men suffer on earth and have for only answer to their sufferings ready-made solutions for intelligent robots but nevertheless robots. I affirm that man will find the answer to his suffering through those, his psychologist brothers and psychoanalysts of tomorrow who will talk to them about the spirit. This is how spiritualist psychology will gradually be born "

Allan Kardec

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