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Diseases can have multiple causes, different origins .

Regarding the physical factors, there is no question of neglecting the genetic aspects which are usually retained by our scientists. The hereditary imprints on the offspring are perfectly obvious, at least on the physical level.


But should we conclude from this that certain diseases are hereditary?

It is more likely to consider that certain failures are transmitted genetically, it would be preferable to speak then of a "risk field" in the genetic inheritance, that is to say, of an organic weakness identical to that of the father or mother, but without forgetting that the embodied spirit has its own personality and that it designed its body itself with the genetic material that was at its disposal.


He was then able, depending on the state of his mind, to transcend unfavorable genetic aspects, or conversely to aggravate them by the anxiety of the return.


Physical genetics are certainly important, which must be considered in terms of favorable or risky areas, but in any case, we must not forget the psychic contribution of the spirit which is reincarnated.


The development of the individual is a function of the spirit which conveys a personality shaped by all his previous experience. Genetic material is used by the mind with varying degrees of difficulty, but two other forms of genetics are much more critical, those involving the mind and the perispirit.



“In the development of the body, at the time of reincarnation, the influence of the anteriorities, of your spiritual nature, will be 70%. We will stay at 30% for the genetic inheritance. This statement is cautious, incomplete and yet to be defined. The genetic inheritance is not to be denied, it does exist. However, the force of the spirit is the dominant force. For each individual, it would be necessary to know how to establish a variation in the proportions indicated and we enter there in the complexity of the balance "spirit - matter". "

Message from the spirit of Gabriel Delanne in 1992.

Spirits define

three kinds of genetics:

- Spiritual genetics

- Perispirit genetics

- Physical genetics


Spiritual genetics is the "Genesis or History of the Spirit". Each spirit has its history, its evolution, and its present, it is the result of this history, of this genesis.


Within this spiritual genesis, simultaneously exists the history of the semi-material double, or perisprit.

The perispirit has the natural faculty of memorizing at the level of the cells which compose it, of recording all the worst as well as the best events, experienced in all its incarnations, added to each other.


This recording, this memory  also concerns the life of the spirit between each incarnation, that is to say the life in the hereafter.

The memory contained in the perispirit nature accompanies the spirit which is reincarnated.

The flesh then receives this memory, and can directly find it  disturbed if trauma re-emerges in the development of the embryo, but also in the development of the physical body after birth.

This is what spirits call perispirit genetics .


The third form of genetics is physical genetics , that which is transmitted through family genes, unrelated to past lives.

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