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Telepsychia is telepathy directed with a specific intention to a particular person. This intention can be wellness or healing. This action can be collective or individual.

Collective action

When it is practiced collectively, in the same orientation, this energy is multiplied tenfold as there are transmitters. Spirits call it "  the fluidic or thought chain  ".


A fluidic chain is a concentration of the action of thought insofar as several people, at least 3 participate in said chain by holding hands.


The members of the group form a circle, on top of one of them, the participants think fervently using mental sentences or by visualizing the desired situation or both and this over a period of 3 to 4 minutes .


At the end of the time, the same participant quickly breaks the chain with a stop on which the other participants immediately let go of their hands. The energies then add up and concentrate in the form of a fluid which is transported in a vibration which will reach its goal.


It is also recommended to listen to a suitable musical medium. It is an aid to prayer and recollection which reinforces the effectiveness of guided thought.


The chain of thought or individual thought is therefore highly recommended to bring energy, appeasement, confidence, serenity to a suffering person. It is a simple and decisive action within everyone's reach.

Revue journal Télépsychie pouvoirs de la pensée

"  The psychic wave is the communicative wave par excellence. The psychic wave remains the first quality of the spirit, of the spirits whatever they are.

The psychic wave passing through the same material of a unique nature, then knows how to manifest itself in a diffuse manner within your respective cerebral forces. "

Message from the Spirit of Melchior D'Entremont, 1980

Individual action

Besides the fluidic chain, individual thoughts can be realized and bring a certain benefit even if the advantage of a chain is the number of participants gathered at the same time. In this case, the one who wishes to help a suffering person can use a photograph of the person or if he does not have one, mention him by name and proceed mentally in the same way as for an action. collective over a period of 5 to 15 minutes.

“You are often astonished at the power of thought, this power so often revealed, you have to use it, you have to work it, exert this force there. "

Message from a spirit

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