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Art therapy: artist mediums  


There is another mode used by the disembodied spirit to relieve an embodied person, this mode is artistic mediumship.


Famous medium painters have punctuated history such as Victorien Sardou, Augustin Lesage, Fernand Desmoulins, Brazilian Luiz Gasparetto as well as medium musicians such as Georges Aubert, English Rosemary Brown and many others.


In this form of mediumship, pictorial, sculptural or musical, the medium lets itself be guided by the mind in the choice of instruments, colors, representation ... The mind has previously thought of its work in the beyond and acts on the medium to be his instrument.


The medium allowing him to make visible a thought-out work, to formulate it on a canvas, a piano, in wood or plaster.

What are the goals for the mind?

  • Witness to a previous life

  • Express support, love, message

  • To heal when the spirit will have impressed by the force of its thought its will to relieve.


The work will thus form a harmonious and vibratory whole, balancing the perisprit of the one who looks at it, touches it or hears it.


Balance naturally reflected on the body.

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