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This practice is only possible in the presence  of a rare and trying mediumship: the  incorporation mediumship and is used only by the will of the medical spirits.  


The incorporated spirit doctor will use the energetic potentials of the medium and of the spiritualist assistance to intervene on the patient.

The intervention produces the following effects:

  • Modification of the vibratory rate of the fingers of the medium incorporated by the mind, to harmonize with that of the patient.

  • Partial dematerialization of the fingers at the time of penetration to directly reach the perisprit of the subject, in order to restore his vibratory functions.

  • It is also possible that certain elements, such as foreign bodies or impurities due to an organic dysfunction, are extirpated from the body of the patient, in the form of materializations or agglomerates.


This method avoids anesthesia, asepsis, internal and external scars and postoperative shock.

The intervention of a mind is to be considered with seriousness, as with medical intermediaries, this intervention is induced by the mind, the  medium making himself available. It will have its necessity if allopathic medicine, magnetism, herbal medicine or hypnosis cannot be useful.

Spiritualist Surgery or Bare Hand Medicine

Depuis six mois, je constatais des troubles récurrents : fatigue subite à différents moments de la journée, nervosité, troubles du sommeil...


Depuis trois années, des problèmes récurrents d’ordre gynécologique occasionnaient des douleurs aux ovaires et l’arrêt ponctuels des menstruations...


Il y a quelques années, j’ai été atteint d’une forte irruption de psoriasis...


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Determination of the diseased area

“The creation of any physical body is established from the universal fluid. This process of condensation of matter is driven by magnetic energy, and this magnetic energy within the human body is located within a closed magnetic field through a plus (+) pole at the base of the body, and a minus (-) pole at the cortex.


This creative energy of tangible matter is in constant outpouring. It determines around your body an invisible "aura", at the periphery of the body, a vibrating aura of a different nature, of a different color.


My one-step work consists in the complete perception of this magnetic field, a sensitive field which can be differentiated according to your psychic state in constant movement.


There is therefore, through the phenomenon of psychic healing, an unconscious telepathy. It is then a question of capturing in a precise way this energetic direction given by the part of the body affected and which is reflected at the level of the periphery of the physical body.


Therefore, we can indicate altered and temporary states of a material succumbing to the vibration of altered magnetic energy and intervene on the perispirit and physical cells affected. "  

Message from the spirit of Dr DUFOUR 1977.

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