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Herbal medicine  






The  classical phytotherapy refers to the use that can be made of plants in different forms: infusions, decoctions, poultices, macerations, etc., for therapeutic, preventive or curative purposes.

Spiritist herbal medicine  


The herbal medicine manifested inside many solutions listed by different doctors or researchers from the afterlife, is the  result of a study, research on the structure of our perispirit nature.


"  France is the second European market for medicinal plants, behind Germany in the practice of herbal medicine.  » Séverine Hupfer.  9.03.2017

"It is therefore time to clarify that all vegetable solutions manifested by the doctors of the beyond to your group are harmonious vegetable solutions, vegetable solutions which come into total agreement with the structure of your perispirit semi-matter.


We use the plant in its vibratory manifestation. We use for this the bath, the infusion, the decoction, sometimes even the external skin application. We know that each of these phytotherapeutic expressions responds to a vibratory condition of a perisprital order.


When this same doctor from the beyond reflects on the phytotherapic application for the benefit of your eventual health, he has above all and for all the concern to know the perispirital correspondence of the plant and the organic matter. Now, this correspondence exists, this correspondence is real. "

Message from the spirit of Claude BERNARD, 1988



"I would say of phytotherapy that it is a use of the plant in the vibratory sense in the wave correspondence of this same plant with the perispirit of human nature.


This does not mean, and I will specify it immediately, that my mind is embarking on the path of correspondences at the level of forms to respond to human anatomy.


This simply means that the plant element also has a dual nature, that the plant element also has an etheric structure and that only this etheric structure interests the doctor of the invisible who perceives it to respond to the etheric structure. of human nature.


In this, the one who absorbs the infusion or the decoction does not only absorb a liquid from the organic structure of the plant, but simply its vibratory nature.


Herbal medicine is the vibratory conclusion between the perispirit plant nature and the human perispirit nature.  

Message from the spirit of Claude BERNARD, 1988

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