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The psychokinesis or psychokinesis is the action of the thought on the matter in order to cause, displacements of objects, levitations and transformations of the structure of the materials. It is a non-mediumistic faculty.

The thought whose origin is the spirit, a subtle and invisible scent, can move, it can be picked up, it is telepathy  ; it can also influence, it can heal, it is telepsychia  ; it can also in its most visible effects, modify matter or move it, this is psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis is not a tension but a relaxation of the mind whose repeated emission of information will influence the molecular orientation of a material.

This requires not a will but rather a strong desire, a desire linked to an imagination.

You have to think about the form, think about the movement, the displacement, the transformation.

It is necessary  be sure of the result by living it as evidence.

Psychokinesis can lead to applications in biology and medicine: action on living cells, bacteria, etc.

Psychokinése Tube Scelle.jpg

Purpose of psychokinesis

Protogenesis is the purpose of the work that will have been done previously in psychokinesis  ; the goal being, no longer to work on an inert object, but on living matter.


The action of protogenesis makes it possible to reconstitute damaged cellular tissues in a living being.


It is therefore an action which has therapeutic virtues making it possible to treat, heal and regenerate the flesh which has been damaged for any reason whatsoever.


" Beyond the appearance, the action of the spirit on the matter must be reflected and measured in its future consequences because for the one who in the present time can act on the inertia, it is not excluded but on the contrary, it is possible to think that the action will subsequently go beyond even inertia and that therefore closely linked to protogenesis.


In this sense, psychokinesis can only have beneficial effects. "

Message from the Spirit of Allan Kardec, 1981

Revue journal Les facultés psychiques référencement dans Google Images
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