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EMI  Where  NDE  and Healing

Can NDE (Near Death Experience) or EMI (Near Death Experience) cure  ? The question is unusual and however specialists from all sides are forced to note several concordant elements after an NDE  :

The spiritualist point of view  :

All these testimonies of NDE and the analyzes carried out are in total correlation with the teaching given by the spirits (cf The book of the spirits of A. Kardec in 1857, The new book of the spirits of K.Chateigner ). This spiritualist teaching makes it possible to explain the phenomena and facts encountered, to deepen and demonstrate the concepts evoked during many NDEs such as  :



"The testimonies established by Raymond Moody or by Elisabeth Kubler Ross do not correspond to a will of the astral which, in a way, would have chosen this formula to awaken the whole of humanity to the idea of survival.


It is much more interesting and much more comforting to say of these testimonies that they will be more and more numerous because  ... they correspond to a global evolution of humanity ... more and more, the human mind will remember the astral in all its forms; after surgery, as part of temporary anesthesia, after temporary coma, ..., which also means that more and more children and adolescents will spontaneously remember their anteriorities. "  


Message from the spirit of Gabriel DELANNE in 1990.

In the few cases of spontaneous, almost miraculous cures, the experimenters are convinced that they have been cured by what they call a "  to be of light ”. In other words, a spirit.

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