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Spiritualist ethics

Magnetism ,  phytotherapy , telepsychia , medicine with bare hands , protogenesis , hypnosis , medical clairvoyance, medical dowsing, medical psychometry , telepsychia , mediumship  medical, therapeutic art have been defined and then tested for more than 40 years, in a rigorous and precise manner.


The teachings received imply an ethic which consists in not relieving in anarchy, in the approximation, or by empiricism.

The field of care is a vital field and if pathologies have found an answer thanks to the spirits, these answers are scrupulously followed.

People wishing to benefit from these responses are informed upstream of the origin of the  care, their mechanism, because the allopathic treatments in place should in no way be stopped.

Journal spirite Spiritisme et médecine référencement dans Google Images.jpg

The answers obtained, although numerous are not exhaustive, they relate to precise fields, precise faculties, precise disorders and the help given will never go beyond this framework.


In addition, the prerequisite is the obligation to be in possession of a traditional medical diagnosis in order to determine whether help can be offered or not. 

“You are not going to show others the promise of happiness in miracles.

We understand that future patients understand the meaning of our approach, the meaning of our coming and therefore the meaning of your philosophy ... "

Message from the spirit of José ARIGO 1992

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