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Magnetic sleep  

Outside of healing, spiritualists use magnetism in special sessions called magnetic sleep . This particular sleep, caused by magnetic passes has several vocations  :

The first involves an important release of the spirit and the perispirit of the medium. This magnetic sleep is mainly used to go to meet the invisible world and allows the medium to describe and bring information about the hereafter.

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Ma chaîne1

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Visage reflet noir et blanc sommeil magnétique

The second allows the medium to disengage himself slightly from his body to receive information emitted by an embodied spirit.


This will be the case in the context of revelations from past lives or about the present life.


For some intermediaries  this information will be for therapeutic purposes: determination of the origin of the disorder causing the physical or psychological disturbance observed.

A second possibility if  magnetic sleep is mediumistic is to allow the mind to  treat man from a distance, treat him, correct some of the anomalies associated with his organism, and receive the exact description thereof.

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