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The  protogenesis is:

  • the direct action of a disembodied spirit on an embodied person through a medium or

  • the direct action of an embodied person on another embodied person.


It is a perspective of the future in the measure of the acceptance of the double perispirit, which has for objectives the reconstitution of tissues, limbs, organs.


Direct action of a disembodied spirit on an incarnate person: the spirit of the disembodied person acts on the perisprit of an incarnate in order to be able to reach his flesh. In this case, it assumes the presence of an incorporation medium (link to the definition of incorporation) capable of receiving a disembodied doctor spirit who can act directly on the patient.

"Protogenesis can also be used by man, to the extent that man knows not only to follow the advice of the spirit in this area, but also to be imbued with it. Man can therefore act in protogenesis of directly on the perisprit, and thus reconstitute a possible physical element previously disappeared.

This revelation is important because it directly affects immediate eyewitness testimony. This testimony does not need control: it is enough to see to then see the thing which is not miraculous, but which remains normal. "

Message from the spirit of Dr ARBORE 1981

" Nothing is impossible with the mind. There is no matter permanently destroyed as long as the mind controls that matter.

The apparent disappearance of matter in your eyes does not mean for the ways of the invisible the absence of matter, because the disappearance of the tangible appearance of the flesh does not and has never meant the non-existence of the double. .

Perispirit perpetuity dominates in all circumstances. Whatever organ affected, whatever limb affected, even if it disappears in your eyes, its perispirit meaning remains.

It is therefore necessary, through the intermediary of protogenesis, to act directly on this perispirit perpetuity, on this double maintained in presence without which life would not exist, in order to possibly be able to reconstitute the previously disembodied flesh in a partial way.

Protogenesis therefore consists for the invisible world in acting on the etheric bodies, in acting on the perisprits in order to reconstitute a non-existent tissue - the non-existence of this tissue being able to be the consequence of a disease or an accident. "

Message from the spirit of Dr ARBORE 1981

Reconstitution of phantom limbs

" Every human being damaged at the level of the physical body and especially at the level of its members knows despite the absence, the possible disappearance of one of these same members  ; always feel its existence.

The certain resentment of this perpetuity, of this existence is none other than the perpetual presence of the double perisprital.  

It is therefore necessary to know how to act slowly, with ardor, with will, on the still existing perispirit cells, in order to possibly be able to reconstitute the tissues to be born.

The perispirit, on the will of the spirit, is therefore there, always present, like a perpetual invitation to the carnal vibration, to the birth of matter as you experience it at its rate of condensation on your terrestrial globe.

Protogenesis is therefore a method which must be used as much at the level of an external member as of an internal organ "

Message from the spirit of Dr ARBORE 1981

Direct action of an incarnate person on another incarnate person: The protogenesis carried out by an incarnate person for the benefit of another incarnate is also a future perspective given by the doctors of the beyond.

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