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Spiritism and Health


Spiritism  is a philosophy and a science which deals with the nature, the origin and the destiny of the spirits, of their relation with the corporeal world.


Spirits manifest themselves, where they can, where they are listened to, where serious, competent and devoted mediums can transmit their messages in quality and authenticity.


Our association law 1901, created in 1974 is part of the evolutionary continuity of the spiritualist movement, founded by Allan Kardec in 1858, and then represented by other precursors in France and in the world.


From 1977, the afterlife, made up in particular of deceased researchers and doctors, eager to share their continual research for the good of others, began with our association, a vast program of information and experiences on the therapeutic level. The aim is to define a new approach to the disease and consequently new experimental therapies.


The essence of the medical message transmitted by the beyond consists in revealing a new definition of the human being and consequently a new definition of the disease.

Towards a new definition of disease 

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"  Finally, it must be said of man, of his nature and of his incarnation that he remains a spirit - resulting from a Causal Force - conveying his consciousness provisionally inside a carnal body.

Without this fundamental conception of human nature, there is no therapy possible on this globe which could claim a healing of bodies. To claim for the healing of the body is then to reach the spirit.

We must admit this same nature absolutely: to reach the flesh by considering only the flesh is to achieve the effect by omitting the cause; to reach the spirit, the thinking origin of the structured matter, it is then to reach the supreme cause of your life, it is then to reach the balance of your existence incarnated on the terrestrial globe. "

Message from the spirit of Allan KARDEC,  1983

"  The beyond is for us a school, a perpetual school where we seek, where we learn, where we discover and for that we come to you in order to share the conclusions of this same work, this same research, this same understanding.

I fervently wish that many men would know more and more that the life beyond death is not a static life, is not a response of spiritual inertia, but more of a fully active life throughout. step of the intellect and the heart.  »Message from Claude BERNARD, 1988


"  Our work is not comparable to that of usual healers, but more to that of researchers who are slowly developing a new medicine .  "

  Message from José Arigo, 1983 

“Spiritism opens up fabulous new perspectives to also relieve humans of their sufferings, their fears, their anxieties, prevent a large number of diseases,  understand and master certain phenomena. "

Message from a spirit

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