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Soul : Term which designates, for religions, the spiritual principle which survives physical death (eg souls in purgatory). The word soul is little used in spiritualist terminology. Allan Kardec had defined it as the addition of spirit and perispirit.

Appearance : Result of the action of the spirit on the perisprit. The mind that wishes to make itself visible acts on the cells of its double perisprital, using the vibratory energy of our physical environment. It draws from a human environment, the fluids necessary to increase the density of the perisprit, which then becomes momentarily visible. We also use the formula, ghostly or ghostly apparition. The embodied spirit of a human being can also, in the doubling, cause the appearance of his perispirit. This phenomenon was notably studied by Colonel De Rochas, under the name "ghosts of the living".

Contribution : Phenomenon caused by a spirit, which consists in transporting an object from one place to another. The distance of transport is irrelevant. The mind, as with any spiritualist phenomenon, uses the energy of a medium, in order to dematerialize an object located in a given place, which it rematerializes to the medium and the audience. The phenomena of contribution were very numerous throughout the history of spiritualism, on the occasion of sessions.

Arigo jose

Mediumistic art therapy

Astral : A term little used by spiritualists who simply prefer the word beyond.


Beyond : The beyond is the hidden face of matter which does not correspond to any spatial or cosmic data. This is another dimension that escapes our spatio-temporal perception. It is not a specific place, but a state. It is the state of disembodied spirits, free from all material and temporal fetters. It is a state that is difficult for us to apprehend, because we are dependent on a material space and a regular temporal rhythm.



Low astral : A colloquial term borrowed from the vocabulary of occultism, which corresponds to the beyond of the spirits which have remained close to the material environment, and particularly of the ill-intentioned spirits which seek to harm.

Bernard Claude


Spiritualist surgery : known as “bare hand surgery”. Practice known mainly in Brazil, where one of the illustrious representatives was José Arigo, and in the Philippines. The craze for Filipino healers had resulted in the late 1970s, the displacement of many curious, researchers and patients in Manila. The arrival of these many tourists, especially Americans, caused in this underdeveloped country, the inevitable outbreak of charlatans, who smelled the good deal. And we have unfortunately retained for the most part the only action of these charlatans, which obscured the inquiries verifying the probity of true healers. This practice also exists within the Cercle Allan Kardec, through incorporation mediumship. The fingers of the spirit incorporated in the medium penetrate the flesh. The matter passes through the matter at a precise moment when the vibratory rate of the tissues is modified. There is on certain occasions, extraction of materialized forms, which can be mineral, vegetable or composed of shapeless organic tissues. Materialization is a conglomerate reconstituted in various forms, which represents the evil to be extracted.

Clairvoyance : Extra-sensory perception that connects the clairvoyant subject with a person, situation or event. It is a telepathic relationship between the clairvoyant and the object of his perception. Clairvoyance is made up of images, sensations and impressions that the subject translates back into his language. It is essential for any clairvoyant to let perceptions come without trying to interpret them, because he risks influencing and distorting the information he receives. It is good that he has no prior information on the object of his research. The analysis is made only after the clairvoyance.

Mediumistic clairvoyance: The medium clairvoyant subject is in contact, no longer with a human, but with a disembodied entity. It is a relation to the beyond which results in the same type of perceptions as simple clairvoyance. The difference is due to the mediumistic sensitivity of a subject permeable to the reception of information coming from the invisible world.

Therapeutic clairvoyance

Clairaudiance: Clairaudiance often accompanies mediumistic clairvoyance. The subject then perceives words, sentences, and he can even recognize the voice of the entity which manifests his presence.



Decorporation - Doubling: Leaving the body, the spirit conveyed by the perispirit. The natural and unconscious decorportation occurs during sleep. Several times during sleep, the spirit (+ the perispirit) escapes from the body for a maximum total duration of two hours per night. Duplication can be caused, in particular under hypnosis or magnetic sleep, which was repeatedly experienced by Colonel De Rochas who by this means demonstrated the perispirit which could react to certain tests while it was exteriorized.

God : Term of religion to designate a single force which governs the universe and which is the author. For spiritualists, the notion of the divine is translated into a few terms and adjectives which remain insufficient to express the immeasurable, the elusive and the infinite. God is the loving force of a perpetual creation. God is the opposite of chance, it is the balance of all life, the balance of systems and galaxies. God is life, God is the Spirit.

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Double etheric or astral body: We find different terminologies in religion and esotericism, which correspond to the double perisprital of the spiritualists. See perisprit.


Automatic writing: Medium automatism of the hand. The mind uses the hand of the medium and very quickly conveys its message. By this means, the lively and jerky gesture produces a writing that is sometimes difficult to decipher. The mind by this process, can if it wishes, apply itself to faithfully reproduce the writing that was his during his lifetime, as well as his signature.

Semi-automatic or intuitive writing: Mediumship by which the medium restores by writing the sentences that cross his thought. He can even internally hear the words dictated to him by the mind; in this case, the phenomenon is akin to clairaudiance.

Direct writing : Writing that appears spontaneously on a piece of paper or a slate without a physical intermediary. This phenomenon was authenticated several times at the beginning of the 20th century.

Ectoplasmia : Ectoplasm is a whitish substance that exteriorizes from the body of the medium, usually through the mouth or the plexus. This substance borrowed from the vital energy of the medium is set in motion by the manifesting spirit. The mind shapes the exteriorized ectoplasm to give it shape. It can be a hand, a face, or an entire body. The spirit integrates the substance, organizes it through its perispirit, and gives it the desired form. All or part of a body is momentarily materialized, tangible and palpable. Doctor Gustave Geley was one of those who scientifically demonstrated the reality of ectoplasmia. He used the process of molding from the paraffin glove, a technique developed by Professor Denton. The spirit was invited to immerse its ectoplasmic hand in a tub of hot water on which a layer of paraffin floated. He then had to immerse his hand in a tub of cold water in order to freeze what became a glove of paraffin. The hand was dematerialized inside the glove. It was then sufficient to gently pour plaster inside the glove to obtain the molding of a perfectly formed hand. The ectoplasmic substance at the end of the experiment returned to the body of the medium. Significant variations in the weight of the medium were observed during the experiments, due to the transfer of vital substance, when the mind used ectoplasm.

Scent : Result of a thought emitted when it reaches its destination. Directed thought is a fluid which exteriorizes itself from the sender subject. This exteriorized fluid becomes vibration. When the vibration reaches its goal, it turns into a scent. Fluid, vibration and scent are the three states of thought conveyed telepathically, for example during a chain of thoughts to relieve a sick person or to reach a mind that needs help.

NDE : near death experience or NDE

Spirit : Totally immaterial principle, the spirit is individuality shaped over the course of lives. Each mind has its own character, with its qualities, faults, intelligence, capacity for feeling, aspirations, impulses, etc. It is the totally spiritual part of every human being. The spirit is integrated into the matter thanks to its double, the perisprit.


Phantom : A vaporous or tangible appearance of a spirit. The phenomenon is spontaneous in the case of haunted houses. The phenomenon became experimental during spiritualist sessions. The mind using the vital energy of the medium (see ectoplasmia) makes itself visible and even tangible. We then speak of materialized ghosts. In the past, on the occasion of doubling experiments, one obtained the perispiritual appearance of the medium. The phenomena provoked were called "ghosts of the living".

Universal fluid : Primary energy of divine essence which is organized under the impulse of the vital impetus. “The universal fluid is what physics today calls radiant energy, resulting from an agglomerate of energetic grains. The perisprit or fluidic body is formed of radiant matter. Originally, it takes its source and form in the universal fluid or radiant energy. It is made up of an agglomerate of energetic grains. The perispirit by the force of the thought will release an energy called vital fluid ”.


Guide : Every human being has a protective guide. The guide can follow his protégé for the duration of a lifetime, but depending on the needs of his own development, the guide may have to be replaced. We can thus have several successive guides during the same life. Affinities link the guide and the protégé, who have known each other in one or more lives.


Hypnosis : Altered state of consciousness that goes through different stages (lethargy, catalepsy, sleepwalking). It is a state of suggestibility of a subject responding to the hypnotist's requests. Hypnosis can be used to numb part of the body, which is why it is used as an anesthetic by some experimenters (surgical operations under hypnosis). The virtue of regressive hypnosis is to bring back to the conscious memory the forgotten events of the past. Well-directed work on the part of the hypnotist can even induce the subject into a previous life; it is a very delicate process which must take into account the subject's creative imagination. In this kind of experiment, it often happens that the subjects invent novels that have nothing to do with their previous lives. There are, however, a few cases of successful regressions under hypnosis, which upon verification have provided evidence of reincarnation.


Incarnation : The process of integrating the spirit into the vibrations of the physical world. The spirit is embodied, or more precisely reincarnated at the time of conception. The spirit by its presence generates the vital phenomenon, it causes the fertilization of the ovum by the spermatozoon and is gradually integrated into the first cells of life. At this stage, he gradually loses consciousness and instinctively continues to make living matter vibrate which will become a new physical individuality. This process is only possible thanks to the double perisprital which imprints its characteristics in the organization of living cells.

Unconscious : This is the most important part of the human mind highlighted by Sigmund Freud. All past events are recorded, not by the brain but by the mind. The psychoanalyst or the hypnotist can bring back these forgotten events, unconscious memory then becomes conscious memory. For spiritualists, the unconscious expands to include integral memory which includes past lives. The individual shaped by his ancestral journey has accumulated a large amount of experiences, event content, traumas, which are imprinted in the depths of his being. He is unconsciously marked by the totality of his past, of which his present personality is the result. Some personality disorders can be resolved if the source can be detected. The traumatic event is then brought back to conscious memory, so that the subject can overcome it.

Incorporation : Mediumistic trance from which, the spirit and the perispirit of the medium are expelled from the physical body. The spirit that desires to manifest itself, conveyed by its perispirit, momentarily incarnates in the body that has become free. He takes possession of this body, which is then animated by a foreign personality. The mind prints for the time of its incorporated manifestation, characteristics that are its own: physical attitudes, gestures, different voices, language different from that of the medium. The embodied mind has direct contact with its audience which allows for long verbal essays and dialogue with the audience.

Infinite : According to the most recent data of science, the universe is in perpetual expansion since its origin located about 13.7 billion years ago, the famous big bang. According to this thesis the universe had a beginning and we are even considering an end, because after the fantastic phenomenon of expansion, we imagine a phase of regression. This therefore supposes the notion of a finite universe, that is to say limited, whatever its immeasurable dimension. More and more, some astrophysicists are leaning towards another thesis, that of other universes dependent on other big bangs and why not ad infinitum. Spirits, through spiritualist communications, have always affirmed that the universe is infinite, which is why the second hypothesis is for the moment the most probable in the eyes of the spiritualists.



Karma : Principle inherited from Eastern religions according to which one reincarnates to pay for faults committed in previous lives. The rich will become poor, the criminal will perish by crime in the next life, etc., a somewhat primary cause and effect relationship, modeled on human justice. It is the idea of expiatory punishment that predominates. Forgiveness, redemption and love of neighbor are notions that are a little too absent in karmic law. Evolution is only considered in terms of suffering and submission. There is no room for freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The law of karma is essentially a human notion, too human, which attributes to the divine the very faults of its creatures.



Magnetism : Energy with multiple virtues, inscribed in the perispirit nature of some humans. Magnetic ability is innate and natural in those who have it. For the others, it is useless to want to dispense an energy of which they are not provided. The very nature of magnetism is not yet known to science. Magnetism deserves to be studied in fundamental physics, just like particles in quantum physics.

Materialization : Creation of an object, a mineral structure or a plant by the force of thought. In general, it is about the thought of the spirits which use the energy of a medium, but it can happen that this ideoplasty (plastic formation starting from the idea, from the imagination) is produced by an addition of strictly human thought forces. Materialization is the demonstration of the creative force of the mind. The desired image is fixed in the material, the directed thought is then creative. Materialization is one of the proofs that spirit transcends matter and generates tangible form. It is in reduction, an experience that demonstrates the meaning of creation. The universe only exists through a spiritual force which preexists it.

Bare hand medicine see spiritualist surgery

Medium : Intermediate between humans and spirits. Mediums with physical effects are subject to visual phenomena: levitations, movements of objects, materializations and ectoplasmic forms. The so-called intelligent effects mediums work by clairvoyance, automatism, trance or incorporation, obtaining messages or creations through speech, writing, inspiration, poetry, painting, drawing, sculpture or music. A medium can have several of these faculties on its own, it can also in certain cases be both the intermediary of physical effects and intelligent effects. According to the spiritualist definition, do not fall into the category of mediums: the seer (at least the one who has no contact with the beyond), the dowser, the magnetizer, the psychometer, the psychokinesist. Not every paranormal faculty is necessarily a mediumship. There is often a misconception about this.

Medium  healer or medical intermediary medium

Metapsychia : Science born at the end of the 19th century, which by a new terminology, marked a distance vis-à-vis spiritualism. Charles Richet was one of the French representatives. The goal of the metapsychists was to formulate psycho-physiological interpretations, in an attempt to explain phenomena which until then were attributed to the manifestation of spirits. Metapsychia has not been totally useless in spiritualism, insofar as spiritualists have been forced to admit that in certain manifestations, the medium's only unconscious was the source. Spiritualists like Gabriel Delanne and Gustave Geley knew how to integrate the data of metapsychia, and their great merit was to differentiate what resulted from a subconscious action from the true manifestations of the beyond. The metapsychists "  pure and hard ”have removed any hypothesis relating to spiritualism. We find them today under the name "parapsychologists".

Metempsychosis : Reincarnationist theory resulting from the religions of the East. In its most simplistic form, the spirit would be reincarnated indifferently from animal to man and from man to animal. The return to the animal condition would be the sign of a punishment. In a more elaborate form, the spirit would gradually build itself from plant to animal then to human, humanity being the higher form of life. Neither of these two conceptions has the favor of the spirits. The disembodied spirits, when they discover their anteriority, have the faculty to remember their distant past, they do not find there animal incarnations, but only primitive and coarse lives on lower planets. The animal world has its own spiritual evolution, more instinctive and more intuitive than ours. Animal and human evolutions are in a way parallels, which end up meeting on higher worlds.

Ectoplasmic casts : Technique developed by Professor Denton - late 19th century - (see ectoplasmia). To date, no conjurer has found a solution to reproduce the paraffin gloves and the casts to which they have been the subject. The dematerialization of the ectoplasmic hand inside the glove remains the only explanation for it not to break. The ectoplasmic casts obtained in the sessions organized by Gustave Geley are carefully preserved at the Institut Métapsychique in Paris.


NDE . Near Death Experience: The cases recounted by Doctor Raymond Moody in his book "Life after Life" represent a study that had never been done before. This study has the merit of underlining the constants in the sensations experienced at the approach of death. Crossing a tunnel, at the end of which characters known or unknown to the subject present themselves, is the most interesting recurring element. One observation particularly struck us: when Michel Pantin underwent the first three times in 1974, the incorporation of a spirit, he felt propelled into a tunnel at the end of which he was awaited by spirits. A few years later, when the works of R. Moody appeared, it became evident that this tunnel was a constant in the effective representation of the passage which leads to the afterlife.


Oui-ja : The oui-ja has two parts:
- A board covered with felt, on which have been glued the letters of the alphabet in an arc, as well as numbers from 0 to 9.
- A board that follows the shape of the hand, with a point at its end used to designate the letters, and below ball bearings or upholstery nails which allow easy sliding.
The medium's hand, placed on the board and under the impulse of a spirit, directs the board at high speed towards the letters. Other more sophisticated systems were invented but did not really give satisfaction, not allowing the hand of the medium moved by the spirit, to propel the mechanism with speed.


Palingenesis : from the Greek palin: again, genesis: birth. Synonymous with reincarnation.

Parapsychology: Current extension of the old metapsychia. Generic term which today encompasses everything relating to the paranormal. Term used wrongly and through, as well by professionals of clairvoyance as by followers of different forms of spirituality. Originally, parapsychology referred to the scientific study of paranormal phenomena.

Parapsychology  : Current extension of the old metapsychia. Generic term which today encompasses everything relating to the paranormal. Term used wrongly and through, as well by professionals of clairvoyance as by followers of different forms of spirituality. Originally, parapsychology referred to the scientific study of paranormal phenomena.

Perisprit :


Bioplasmic field

Bioplasmic body

Subtle energy



The etheric double or perisprit was defined by Allan Kardec as a fluidic organism of semi-material nature serving as a link between the physical body and the spirit. The perispirit is an indispensable double which perpetually accompanies the spirit and which serves as a support for the integral memory of previous lives.
It is the perisprit that allows the spirit to reincarnate, representing the vital link between spirit and matter. Likewise, when a spirit wishes to manifest itself to humans, it uses the properties of its perispirit to produce a phenomenon. In the case of apparitions, for example, the spirit makes its perisprit vibrate so as to densify its structure and give it a vaporous, even recognizable or tangible form.
We have been able to demonstrate the existence of the perisprit, from the experiences of phantoms materialized in the so-called ectoplasmy sessions. There were also the ghost experiences of the living, from the doubling or bilocation of the spirit conveyed by the perisprit, with appearances of living people.

Herbal medicine  

Protogenesis : Prolongation of psychokinesis, protogenesis is the reconstitution of damaged cellular tissues, or even of an organ or a member which has disappeared, following ablation or accident. Whatever the physical injury, perispirit integrity remains. The work of the psychokinesist, for example on a finger which has been cut, will act on the perispirital part of this finger until it returns to its physical form. This is theoretically possible. It remains to begin a long work of experimentation so that the practice comes to confirm the theory. However, there are already proven results, which suggest that even more spectacular results are possible.

Psychokinesis or psychokinesis: Action of thought on matter in order to provoke, displacements of objects, levitations and transformations of the structure of materials.
Uri Geller and after him Jean-Pierre Girard popularized this phenomenon in the 1970s. Numerous laboratory experiments were carried out with many subjects known as “psych subjects”. Professor John Barret Hasted, in England, has notably experimented with groups of children, obtaining extraordinary results. Professor Jean Dierkens and his wife Christine, from Mons in Belgium, have studied the phenomenon with several subjects, and they also have by themselves, obtained deformations of spoons, twisted in all directions, twisted or twisted.
Psychokinesis can lead to applications in biology and medicine (action on living cells, bacteria, etc.).

Psychometry : Clairvoyance based on an object that has permanently belonged to a person or has a story. The perispirit of the psychometric subject is innervated, that is to say folded and riveted to the physical body, unlike that of the classic clairvoyant subject, which is slightly exteriorized during clairvoyance. Psychometrics could have very useful applications in history, geology, and archeology.

Therapeutic psychometry



Dowsing : Sensitivity which puts the subject in touch with nature. The dowser detects waves, telluric currents, mineral structures and fossil fuels. The dowser's elbow stick and the pendulum are his favorite tools. Dowsing can have a medical application in the formulation of a diagnosis, if however the practitioner has sufficient experience and confirmed by results.

Therapeutic dowsing

Reincarnation : (incarnation) The human spirit undergoes the natural law of reincarnation in order to evolve from life to life, in intelligence, in conscience and in love. The number of lives is indefinite as is the duration between each incarnation. Other worlds in the universe are inhabited, in which the evolutionary process is not limited to a cycle of reincarnation on planet Earth.



Spiritualism - Spiritualism: The word spiritualism, which appeared in the 19th century, characterizes the manifestation of the afterlife and the teaching of spirits. If spiritualism is part of spiritualism, it stands out for its originality. Spiritualism involves knowledge that comes from the other world. Spiritualism represented by various religious or other currents, corresponds to philosophies created by man following revelations of a prophetic or messianic order. Spiritualism in France was originally founded by Allan Kardec who remains today the reference figure on the historical and philosophical levels.

Magnetic sleep : By slow longitudinal passes, the medium is induced into a second state which is similar to the state of mediumistic clairvoyance. When the medium is in magnetic sleep, the spirits transmit information to it. It can be a reading of a previous life, or a direct contact with spirits who telepathically transmit images and messages to the medium. In a weak and monotonous voice, the medium reproduces everything he perceives, feels or hears.

Therapeutic magnetic sleep



Telepathy : (or transmission of thought) Perpetual exchange between humans, of exteriorized thoughts, exchange experienced unconsciously and naturally. Telepathy can be demonstrated experimentally. This was notably the considerable work undertaken by JB. Rhine in the United States for forty years. Telepathy in a clearer and more conscious way is also expressed by clairvoyance and dreaming. When a person dreams of a specific event that takes place at the very moment of the dream, it is a telepathic perception, a perception that will be all the stronger as the mind of the sleeping subject may be at this precise moment exteriorized by the physical body.


Trance: "Modified state of consciousness into which mediums enter when they communicate with spirits" (definition of Larousse). Let us retain the formula "modified state of consciousness" which gives rise to physical manifestations, heavy breathing, tremors, acceleration of the heart rate, muscle tension, etc. Trance is a transitional phase in incorporation mediumship. It takes place twice; first of all a weak shaking is observed when the spirit of the medium externalizes itself from the body, then a more brutal trance corresponds to the coming of the spirit at the moment when it is incorporated.

Trouble : Transient state of unconsciousness following physical death. The disorder is consecutive to the change of state, which occurs in a gentle or abrupt manner, depending on the mode of death. The duration of the disorder depends on multiple parameters, psychological state of the person at the time of death, influence of religious beliefs, trauma caused by sudden death (accident, crime, etc.), altered and depressed state of the suicide, etc. At best, the cloudiness is a few hours. The spirit gradually wakes up to its new reality and finds itself in this universal representation that is the tunnel, at the end of which it is greeted by spirits that it recognizes. For all kinds of psychological or traumatic reasons, the disorder can last for years. The mind does not necessarily feel the duration since it is outside space-time, but it is nevertheless frozen in a situation which can be likened to a dream or a nightmare. He will gradually be able to feel the call of his guide and let himself be carried to the beyond of the free spirits. But he may subconsciously resist this call at the risk of considerably prolonging his condition. At this stage, the most effective liberation will come from humans who, through the action of their directed thoughts, can propel troubled spirits towards their guide. If this action were performed on the occasion of each death, in the form of a chain of thoughts, all prolonged troubles would thus be avoided.



Astral travel : Technique of doubling which consists in exteriorizing the spirit and the perispirit, with the aim of moving in space or in the other dimension which is the beyond. It is a method discouraged by the spirits, method which gave rise to fabrications coming from fertile imaginations, and more serious, to accidents following individual experiences. Astral travel occurs naturally during certain phases of sleep. The nocturnal decoration can be beneficial when it allows the meeting with the guide and other spirits. We can promote this meeting by desiring it before falling asleep. It is in a way the “evening prayer” for those who want to recharge their batteries as well as possible during their sleep. Even if when you wake up, there is no memory left, the encounter recorded at the level of the unconscious can be translated by salutary intuitions. Better to use what nature gives us than to cause duplication of which we do not really have control.



Xenoglossia : Transmission of messages from the beyond in a language which is foreign to that of the medium. All the modes of mediumship can be the support for remarks in a foreign language, language thought, written, dictated or spoken. The best reference for studies in this field is Ernest Bozzano's work “La médiumnité polyglotte”.



Zener : Professor John Banks Rhine from Duke University in Northern California (USA) has demonstrated telepathy using statistical methods. He made subjects, transmitters and receivers, work on card games invented by his collaborator Dr. Zener. Zener cards feature five symbols: a cross, a star, a square, a circle, and waves. With five cards of each symbol, the game features 25 cards. The series of telepathic exercises are done on a complete set where the receiver must pick up the symbol sent by the transmitter, there is a one in five chance of success. With good telepathic subjects, the results go far beyond normal statistics calculated on the laws of chance. JB. Rhine has spent forty years working with numerous subjects, accumulating convincing statistical results, which scientifically attest to telepathic reality.


Colonel Albert De Rochas

Jose arigo
Gabriel Delanne
Charles Richet
Gustave Geley
Doctor Raymond Moody
Jean Pierre Girard
Uri Geller