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Handicaps, diseases, disorders

under the stethoscope  spirits


Diseases exist  by the lack of harmony between the three components of the human being: the spirit, the body and the perispirit.  


But some disorders have more for  cause of previous traumas, that is to say, traumas experienced in a previous life and which could not be overcome when the spirit returned to matter.


The return  in matter is always difficult because it is heavy, heavy. If the mind carries with it troubles that it cannot overcome, it may not be able to build its body and thus cause imbalances.


Doctors from the Hereafter have come forward to shed light on certain disorders that people believe may be related  :

  • to previous traumas,

  • reincarnation accidents,

  • intrauterine trauma

  • to post-natal trauma. 

"We are  beings responsible for the architecture of our physical body. It is therefore certain that according to our states of evolution, according to our previous traumas, the construction will be more or less successful. » K.Chateigner (the new book of spirits).

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