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Well-being advice, Better living


We will discuss  notions which are not therapies in the proper sense of the term but which  part of the well-being in the sense that the spirits have also given us a lot of information on the materials, the colors, the shapes to be favored in our interior.


True vibratory aids allowing a better balance for the one who receives them, a sort of spiritualist feng shui.


Benefits outside the habitat

brought by the animal kingdom  

"Birdsong is a vibration, a natural mantra beneficial to human balance. If this song were to disappear, we would then see nervous and depressive disorders appear in many individuals ...."

Message from the spirit of Melchior d'Entremont 1986

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Benefits of music

"Music directly reaches our perisprits and contributes to our balance and well-being."

Message from the Spirit of J S Bach April 87


"It must cradle the psyche inside its physical body, It can, at times, allow the escape of the spirit which lives inside a prison. All music must transport towards the spirit. music must be serious, laborious, sometimes joyful, sometimes rhythmic, but it must not generate melancholy, dissonance or aggression because, then, it would become a bad mantra.  Music can be the companion who is not present, the joy brought to transient sadness, the comfort of temporary misfortune ".

Message from the Spirit of A. Vivaldi Jan 86


Benefits of colors

"... You have to work with the vibration of colors inside your passenger compartment, in your environment, in terms of your clothing. 
You have to use positive colors. Preferably choose plain colors from beneficial colors. This implies  a modification of the fundamental color of the exteriorized vibratory nature of matter or of our perisprits. The vibration of color could be used much more for therapeutic purposes. ”

Message from the spirit of P.langevin  January 1985


Benefits for the interior

"The bedroom is the place of sleep, that is to say the rest of the body and the freedom of the mind. It is therefore a very important place. The head of the bed must be exposed to magnetic North, between North and North-East. The room must be an energy source .... ".

Message from the Spirit of Dr Tilsitt

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