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Remote-guided therapist mediums

The spirit in this case manifests itself as a medium to relieve the flesh of its neighbor. In a way, it controls the medium, it conducts its actions more or less automatically according to the development and the mediumistic sensitivity in the presence of the suffering person.


It is not a question of incorporation (link to definition of incorporation) but of remote guidance of the mind  on a medium subject.

It is a matter of a spirit in particular which manifests its presence through the magnetic act if the intermediary is already magnetizing and through the therapeutic act which follows.

The intervention of a spirit is to be considered with seriousness, as in medicine with bare hands, this intervention is induced by the spirit, the  medium making himself available. It will have its necessity if allopathic medicine, magnetism, herbal medicine or hypnosis cannot be useful.


These mediums are also called spiritual healers by others and work under the influence of a mind in intuitive form or automatism with the eventual use of magnetism by the mind which is different from the classical magnetizer which does is not helped by the intervention of a disembodied spirit.

The medium is not incorporated by the mind. If this were the case, then the medium would be unconscious, which is not. The mind is alongside the medium but is not integrated into its physical body.


To be able to achieve guidance or automatism at this level, it is therefore necessary that the double of the physical body of the medium is somewhat exteriorized from his physical body at this precise moment, so that the spirit can act directly by the medium on the medium. patient.

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