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Spiritualist Journal N ° 99 Jan - March 2015

During the summer of 1994, a sudden and awkward movement caused a sharp pain in my back quickly.  unbearable, so much so that I decided to go to the emergency room. Lumbago was diagnosed and physiotherapy sessions prescribed. From session to session, the pain worsened to block the pelvis making me momentarily incapacitated. A CT scan finally revealed the presence of two herniated discs, one of which was the size of the first phalanx of an inch and in addition, compressed the sciatic nerve which prevented walking. The second was smaller. With a Nancy surgeon, the operation to remove these two hernias was decided ...  knowing that the postoperative risk would undoubtedly result in the persistence of low back pain and sciatica for years to come. 

Spiritual for four years, I then decided to turn to the magnetic care practiced in our Circle. Within the Circle at that time, nearly thirty spiritualists were magnetizers and many magnetic passes had been taught by the Spirits; It was therefore naturally that I asked for them. Three months of specific passes twice a week and a new CT scan showed that the main hernia had diminished, while the smaller hernia had disappeared. It was then that the surgeon began to remove the remaining hernia. To facilitate healing and reduce any post-operative sequelae, magnetic care by laying on of hands was performed for several weeks. This operation took place twenty years ago, and I can confirm that to this day, these two hernias are nothing but a bad memory, especially since no post-operative sequelae reminds me of them on a daily basis. Christophe.

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